Sketchbook Surgery

I found this nice and compact 6-ring binder on one of my trips. But, I don't like ring binders and I didn't have the punch for this, so I decided to perform some sketchbook surgery. 

All I need for this were some Rollabind discs, the punch, rubber cement, some pretty ribbon to cover the gaping hole I made while cutting out the ring binder, and some watercolor paper.

Here's what it looked like after the surgery:

I used my large discs so it holds up to 40 sheets of 200 gsm watercolor paper (or 30 sheets of 300 gsm watercolor paper).

Unlike the 6-ring binder, the pages lie flat and I can move them around in the same sketchbook or replace the pages once I'm done with these.

I noticed that the papers stick out a little when I close the binder. I could have fixed this by using smaller discs but I decided it was much better to have more paper instead :-)